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To create a blue carrier network

Edit£º   Read£º3332  Date£º2016-09-01
The recent Wisdom today Triumphant news keeps pouring in. energy, ushered in the 2014 annual report released earnings report, the company achieved revenue of 11 billion 352 million yuan, down 1.92%; after deduction of non net profit of 147 million yuan, an increase of 29.16%; net operating cash flow of 67 thousand and 200 yuan, an increase of 31.22%; the total remuneration of employees accumulated an increase of 6%, of which the per capita monthly income, per capita wage increased by 11.7%, 13%. Analysis believes that the performance of the smart energy performance steady growth, will lay the foundation for the successful transformation of its strategy.
The report pointed out that since 2013 the company is planning to build "strategic transformation, hammer smart energy, smart city system service provider", after the 2014 landing layout, with remarkable results, through several key aspects of the energy field, including the planning and design of distributed generation link - Shanghai energy power, intelligent power transmission and distribution service links - Beijing Mizuki Genka. The next step will be to seize the great opportunities of the new electricity reform and energy Internet trillion market opened, to further strengthen the energy Internet front-end link advantage, focus on strengthening the back-end links in distributed energy, wisdom, energy efficiency of the terminal control micro network traffic entrance, Jie Nengyun asset management platform and carbon energy Internet layout, upgrading of the whole industrial chain service profit model.
The report also emphasized the construction and strengthening the high-tech talent team, to further increase the introduction of networking, networking, Internet and other areas of domestic and international talents, and actively explore the incentive mechanism innovation talent, continue to optimize the perfect personnel system, strengthen the talent strategy. It is reported that the company in 2014 from the national network, Ali, Jingdong and other enterprises have attracted many talented people to join, the wisdom of the energy that talent is the fundamental business, so the cultivation of advanced talents and the key part is to attract its strategy, but also the strategic transformation and upgrading of the foundation.
As the 18 years of industry leader, 20 years of experience and accumulated resources advantage, wisdom in the vertical field of electrical energy "Internet plus" is the most competitive advantage in the field of energy, the Internet is also a pioneer in the space, trillion market, smart energy can fully develop the network can create blue ocean blue carrier.
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