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Rely on quality to do a hundred years of power supply products

Edit£º   Read£º3360  Date£º2016-09-01
With the national policy to support the further introduction of charging pile, charging pile industry will usher in a period of rapid development, the company will usher in a rapid development phase, the industry will usher in the wind. Institutions are expected, according to electric vehicles and charging facilities standard 1:1 ratio calculation, by 2020, China's charging station number will reach 12 thousand, charging pile will reach 4 million 500 thousand. If the average price of 20 thousand yuan charging pile, charging station 3 million yuan / seat calculation, charging equipment market size is expected to reach 124 billion yuan.
Whether policy, or the rapid growth of market demand, indicates that now is the best period of development of charging pile, with the continuous development of new energy vehicles, how to seize the opportunity for development, will be transformed into opportunities for capital, is placed in front of a enterprise. As a professional R & D Tsinghua students founded, production and sales of switching power supply and power supply system of high-tech companies, Shenzhen city core technology limited company with strong strength quickly cut into the charging pile market, and further affirmation of the market.
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